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Embracing Digital Transformation
for Small Businesses

Small Business Show 2024

24 June, 2024  – Metro Toronto Convention Centre

This exclusive one day show will be featuring panel discussions, webinars and keynote presentations by Canada’s top business leaders and entrepreneurs. Don't miss this rewarding event with its exciting lineup of speakers and interactive sessions. Leverage tech today!
Welcome To Small Business Show 2024
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Thank you for deciding to participate in the Small Business Show 2024 . As the official organizer, Cmarketing Inc. assures complete data security and information protection. Cutting-edge data security and data handling policies are followed by us so that you do not have to worry about anything.

Before proceeding to purchasing tickets for Small Business Show 2024 , we would strongly recommend you go through our privacy policy statements as listed below. In case you have any further queries, kindly send an email to [email protected].

What Information Do We Collect?

Cmarketing Inc. collects a set of information from you - the buyer - during the ticket-purchasing process. This information includes, but is not limited to:

Full name

Email id

Contact Number

Company Name


Please note that only users above the age of 16  can purchase tickets to Small Business Show 2024 . By purchasing a ticket, you automatically indicate that you are at least 16 years old and, as such, are capable of handling all responsibilities as a Small Business Show 2024 attendee.

Apart from the above, we also collect ‘aggregate information - which refers to the insights obtained from buyer behaviour. This information includes things like your purchase decisions, interactions with notifications, duration of stay on a particular page or section, etc. - and are not ‘personal’ in any way. Cmarketing Inc. collects such information to gain actionable insights and improve its services as an event organizer on an ongoing basis.

Why Do We Collect Information?

Personally identifiable information and aggregate information are collected by Cmarketing Inc. for: Ensuring smooth, secure service delivery (here, delivery of Small Business Show 2024 ticket(s)).

Creating and maintaining your user account on the Cmarketing Inc. platform.

Sending personalized communications, including confirmation email(s) on the successful purchase of Small Business Show 2024 tickets.

Sharing select promotional material, special offers, and other updates that we feel you might be interested in (you can opt-out of such emails).

Implementing our terms of use.

Enhancing the overall user-experience factor.

In particular, the ‘personally identifiable information collected by Cmarketing Inc. is used for:

Processing ticket bookings (from bookings to ticket delivery).

Communicating with you via emails (ticket purchase confirmations, event updates, cancellations, etc.).

Performing sales analyses, tracking transactions, initiating marketing campaigns and more.

GDPR Compliance

Cmarketing Inc. is fully compliant with the latest GDPR regulations. For delivering seamless event ticketing services to you, we share your data with select authorized and licensed third-party service providers (partners). All partners of Cmarketing Inc., including Eventify (eventify.io), are GDPR-compliant.

Use Of Cookies

‘Cookies’ are small internet files that reside in your web browser. Cmarketing Inc. uses cookies to bring you a more personalized experience on the website . If you delete cookies from your browser, we will not be able to provide this extra level of personalization in our services. As such, accepting our cookie policy is strongly recommended.

Data Protection Assurance By Cmarketing Inc.

We are committed to keeping your personal, financial, and other related information safe. The information you provide is encrypted and stored in our secure database. Please note that without your consent, Cmarketing Inc. will never use/copy/sell/share your information with any unauthorized third party for advertising/marketing purposes.

We also request that you be vigilant about your data security while purchasing Small Business Show 2024 tickets. Ensure that your account credentials are secure, use a trusted system to complete your transaction(s), and that your internet connection is not acting up. If you feel that your account has been compromised, let us know immediately at [email protected].

Retention Of Data

Cmarketing Inc. will retain your personal data for a time period that is deemed to be ‘reasonably necessary. However, buyer information is generally not retained after a period of 3 years.

In select circumstances, we might retain buyer details to settle legal matters, litigations, disputes and the like. The details are removed as soon as the concerned issue(s) are resolved.

What RIGHTS Do You Have?

When you transact with Cmarketing Inc., you are protected by all relevant GDPR regulations. The rights you retain are as follows:

Right to information (You can, at any time, demand to know how your information is being used).

Right to access (You can request a copy of all the personal records we possess).

Right to rectification (You can request changes in personal records, particularly in case of inaccuracies).

Right to erasure (You can instruct us to remove section(s) from your personal records).

Right to processing objections (You can tell us to stop processing your personal data).

External Links

The official organizer of the Small Business Show 2024 is Cmarketing Inc. (www.canadiansme.ca). Please note that there might be links to third-party entities on our website. Cmarketing Inc. does not, in any way, vouch for the authenticity, relevance or reliability of facts/opinions/stats present in such external resources.

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